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Internet Marketing

The goal of being online is to attract the right people to your website. Whether you are looking to sell your products and services, or just looking to increase your following. The bottom line is…you need more eyeballs on your site.


It starts with SEO. Search engine optimization is something we at Marketing Sharks Media are known for. We understand how to grow your online presence organically and take advantage of ALL of the people looking for what it is that you offer online. Not just SOME of the traffic…like all the other guys.

Social Media

In today’s world, if your business is not on social media, you are missing out in a big way. In fact, if you are not taking advantage of every avenue of social media and how it enables you to connect with your audience the right way, you are literally asking for your potential customers to go to your competition.

Web Design

You can’t have just any old website nowadays. Yes, it has to be aesthetically pleasing. Any digital marketing agency should be able to do that. But we also make it please to the search engines so that your site is set up in the back end with everything it needs to succeed and bring in a plethora of visitors.

How We’re Different

Most internet marketing agencies never let you behind the curtain to see what is really going on with your campaign. We believe in full transparency. That’s why we create a plan for your campaign and give you access to that plan so you can follow along. You can track the tasks and deliverables as they’re being done. And see what is scheduled so you know what to expect from the campaign.

Live Reports

Like we said in our SEO section, we don’t just limit ourselves to a finite number of keywords. That’s caveman SEO. We want any and all keywords that will bring the website traffic. So we don’t do generic rankings reports that don’t tell the whole story. And we don’t try to fool you with trickery to make ourselves look better. You will get a LIVE Report with your real data that you can check anytime you want. You can change the dates and see the progress in real time.

Go With The Experts

Marketing Sharks

We understand that you have choices when it comes to SEO and internet marketing. We get it. But the fact is that you are not going to find anyone with more knowledge and expertise to get your online presence to achieve greatness than Marketing Sharks Media. That’s why we offer the FREE analysis. We want to actually SHOW you how good we are. So when you fill out that Discovery Form…our goal is to provide so much value in that analysis that you realize that going with anyone else for your internet marketing would just be silly.

We Actually Care
You will not be just another number to us…we consider your site to be our own and treat it that way.

We show you EXACTLY what we’re doing during your campaign and you can follow along!

Our Expertise
We don’t rely on theory or old tactics. We stay up to date on any and all changes so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

We Get Results
We’re not interested in tiny results that other agencies might accept as a win. We want to change the face of your business.

Just Some Of Our Success Stories

Are you ready to get started?

Our Promise…

When we take on a new client we consider their website to be our own and treat it as such. Each website we work on is unique and we treat it with the utmost respect. We are very confident in our ability to explode any business online. We are an extremely competitive agency and we take SEO and internet marketing in general as a big competition. And we need to be the best. And we need your site to be the best when we work together. So that’s what we will strive to do. We will be a team during our time together and we will win.
Marketing Sharks

What People Say About Us

internet marketing seo expertsThe Top 3 Marketing Sharks Media Methods That Work

Internet marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing methods used by business owners across the country and around the world and here at Marketing Sharks Media, we are the best at getting results. While print advertisements, commercials, and billboards were once the way to get a message across to your consumers, internet marketing has become the more effective way of reaching the right group of people…the people who would have an interest in what your business is offering. There are numerous online marketing methods that any business owner should focus on learning more about to become even more successful.

Three of the best ways to have success while using the internet for advertising purposes is to have your website show up first with top-level SEO services, have a website that converts with beautiful web design, and get the hang of using social media the proper way as a business owner to build some great relationships with your consumers. If you run a business and you have not already started taking advantage of internet marketing, you are missing out big time. You are losing the chance to connect to thousands and possibly even millions of people who may benefit from something you sell, whether they realize it at that moment or not. If you are ready to do something that can do a lot of good for your business now and even in the future, Marketing Sharks Media can take your internet marketing to the next level.

Marketing Sharks Media Search Engine Optimization

Commonly known as SEO, search engine optimization plays a vital role when it comes to expanding your reach online. It is something you will need to implement if you want your website to get as much traffic as possible. Fortunately, Marketing Sharks Media’s expertise is SEO. We are simply the best around at getting more organic visitors to a website through the search engines.

There are several different benefits associated with the use of search engine optimization. For example, it is something that will help you bring in a lot of extra traffic that you were not getting before, it could make people more aware of your brand, it could help you get an advantage over some of your competition, and it may even make your business seem a lot more credible to those looking for certain products to purchase.

There are millions of different websites on the internet, so you must do what you can to make sure your site is going to stand out and become memorable to many people. You want your site to become a site that people visit regularly because they love the products and they love the content they are seeing when they land on your site. The best way to make that happen is to have the Marketing Sharks take your site to the top for you. We are a little bit different than most SEO providers. Here are a few things that separate us:

  • Our Results. We get tangible results for our clients. While most other agencies have you pick a few keywords that you THINK your customers will use to find whatever it is that you offer, we do things a little differently. We don’t play that guessing game. And we don’t limit ourselves to a finite number of keywords. In fact, we go after ALL OF THEM. We use actual data to find what people are using to see your website in the search results. That way, we can find options that we may never have thought about before. In other words, we won’t be missing out on keywords that could possibly be extremely important for your site.
  • Our Work. We don’t hide what we are doing. We are confident enough in our methods that we will show you the campaign as it is happening. We don’t have to hide it from you. You will get a detailed outline of the campaign with a schedule of tasks and deliverables. We will update the project plan as we work through it and give you access to the work that was done so you can actually see it. We believe in total transparency. So you’re not going to be left guessing when it comes to your SEO campaign.
  • Our Reporting. You’re not going to have to read a 36-page document every month that hides the fact that you got no results for that month. From day 1 you will get a LIVE report that shows ACTUAL data from your site. This report changes daily and you can even go in and change the dates to compare the data. You can check these reports whenever you like and they update automatically. So you won’t have to be chasing us to find out how your campaign is progressing.

We know that there are many options when it comes to your SEO. We understand that there are many other SEO providers that promise the world but deliver nothing. This has given the SEO industry a bad reputation and one that we don’t want to be a part of.

We are the solution.

We are the real deal.

We will not work on any other website in the same niche, in the same area as other agencies do. That is one of the things that infuriates us about other SEO agencies. It indicates that to them, you’re just another number and they don’t respect your business.

You’re never going to be just another number to us. We will take your site and the success of your SEO campaign seriously….and personally.

We will take your site to the next level and increase your traffic. That’s a guarantee.

Marketing Sharks Media Web Design

The design of a website is one of the most important aspects of your internet marketing strategy. If you have products or services for consumers to purchase on your website, the primary goal is to get the consumers to click on that link, begin browsing through the inventory or options you have available, and then convert to a customer. When the consumers are spending more time on your website and are buying from your site, obviously you are going to make more money. The website design is the first thing they see when they come to your site. If you lack an appealing design that draws your potential customers in, you will lose them before they have a chance to convert.

Because the goal is to get potential customers to visit your website and stay long enough to convert, you need to make sure the design of your website makes sense. Does it go with the theme of your business? Does it represent your business the right way? Is it easy for people to navigate one page to the next while on your website? These are many of the questions you will need to ask yourself when you are handling the design process.

While having a website is a definite must, there is so much more to the site than just putting something up and throwing some content on a few different pages. You need to follow the right set of web design tips to start gaining more traffic and reeling those consumers in with such a clean design that entices them and motivates them to make a purchase through your site. Start by focusing on the homepage of your website. That is the hub. That is the top of the funnel. You want to include things on your site that will draw your visitors into a possible conversion. Images, videos, and small teaser blurbs of information are all good things to add here.

Think about the consumers throughout the design process. Select fonts for your site that are easy on the eyes and are large enough for people to view clearly, especially if they have trouble seeing the smaller fonts. Keep those colors in mind. Avoid putting colors together that do not blend well or do not go along with the images you are posting on your website.

You must have a mobile-friendly version of your site developed. Not everyone uses a laptop or a computer to browse through websites while looking for products to purchase. Some people like browsing from their phones because it is convenient for them. In fact, more people use mobile devices to browse nowadays than desktops. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it leads to frustration for the mobile users and you do not want to cause any frustration or make consumers feel alienated because they cannot view the correct version of your site from their mobile devices. Not to mention the problems you will have getting your site indexed and even listed on the search engines.

Always keep your site updated. Add fresh content and make sure the content you are posting is worth reading. If you are updating your inventory, make those changes and let the consumers know by sending out messages or putting up some posts on social media sites. You should be focused on keeping your website looking unique and modern so that it gets the interest of the consumers and invites conversions.

Marketing Sharks Media Social Media

Aside from developing a high-quality website and working on a search engine optimization strategy that works for your business, Marketing Sharks Media helps you to use social media to reach a much broader audience and to make it easier for that targeted audience to stay up-to-date with the different things your business is doing and offering, whether you are selling new products, offering some discounts, having a special sale, or even planning out a neat social media contest.

You need to realize that not all social media sites are created equally. Because they are different, you need to have different expectations for each of these sites. For example, we are going to need to find out when it is the best time to post content on your different sites. We will do the necessary research, and pinpoint the best times to post, which will most likely vary from site to site. We will then create a schedule to have your content go out at the right times to get the most views and interactions.

It is also important to figure out what to post on the different social media platforms. For example, posting a photo with some written content is ideal for Facebook, but we will need to keep things a bit shorter for Twitter due to the character limit. Rather than posting sentences on Instagram, it is better to post a stunning photo or an interesting video with a short caption underneath while using a popular hashtag to get more viewers. There are different tips and tricks that we use for these different social media sites to get the most out of the campaign. Rest assured, we have been doing this long enough to know the difference and exploit each platform for their unique benefits.

Although there are many free ways to get connected with the consumers on social media, it is not always a bad idea to pay for some extra exposure. Social media advertising is a tremendous way to connect with your audience on a completely different level. Here at Marketing Sharks Media, we have mastered the art of social media advertising. We will customize these advertisements while making sure they are being shown to the right people…your specific targeted audience. Typically we are able to expand on social media in a matter of weeks with paid ads. And we can scale it as much as budget allows.

There are many forms of internet marketing, but these are three of the most crucial marketing strategies that we focus on at Marketing Sharks Media. Limiting yourself to traditional marketing methods simply because you do not know a whole lot about advertising online, designing a decent website, using search engine optimization, or even marketing via social media is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your business. If you want your business to do well and you want to easily target specific people who are more likely to convert to customers, call Marketing Sharks Media today. Or better yet, fill out our Discovery Form and let us create a custom video analysis for you that shows you exactly how we can use our expertise to grow your business and make you the industry standard in your niche.


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