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What Makes Our Rochester SEO Services The Best In The Area

We’re not Interested in just rankings

The goal of being an SEO campaign is not just to improve rankings. It is to get the site more traffic that converts. The bottom line is that most SEO agencies only care about what makes them look good. We want your business to succeed. So we do what it takes to generate the most organic traffic from the search engines that we can. Not limit you to a certain number of keywords and only focus on those. That is an ancient way of doing SEO and we are in it for you…not to make us look good by increasing rankings for keywords that no one is using to find what your business offers,

It starts with the discovery form

If you take 4-5 minutes to fill that out, we will take the time to research your website and assess the situation with an SEO expert’s eye. We will then create a custom video analysis where we SHOW you exactly what your site needs, what your competition is doing, and what it’s going to take to beat them. Trust us, this will be the most thorough analysis you have ever had done to your site. This is not one of those “give me your email address and I will have a software create a mundane SEO report for you” type of things. We will personally record ourselves showing you things about your site that you didn’t know mattered. Most people are completely blown away with the value we give away with these analyses. But we feel it’s important to provide you with a ton of value so you know that we are legit and not just some other joker who says they know how to rank a website. After you see the video we can decide whether we would be a good fit moving forward.

No Cookie-Cutter Prices

We don’t have cookie-cutter pricing. We have done this far too long to know that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to SEO. Every site is different. Starting from a different spot. We also can’t give you a price until I assess your situation. We are like a doctor for your website. We have to be able to go in and diagnose the problems, your competition, your niche, everything about your site before we can make an honest assessment. We believe that giving prices without doing the research is blasphemous and downright irresponsible. Agencies that do that are doing the same processes for every client that comes their way. They are doing checklist SEO and that’s not something we do. Everything we do is custom fit to your website’s needs. But there is no way to know until you know. And in order to know, we have to be able to look at every aspect of the job and what it is going to take.

Don’t take our word for it…

If you don’t want think that us proving it to you with our analysis is enough, take a look at what other people have said about us. We have over 50 recommendations on Linkedin from real business owners who have trusted us in the past. Many of them are marketing agency owners who outsourced their SEO work to us so we could rank their clients. We have worked with everyone from big brands like Pabst, right down to local doctors, lawyers, and dentists, to a traveling masseuse, to a gift wrap person, to a startup company that sells beer can holders. We have worked with everyone. And they all get the best SEO service found anywhere.

How We’re Different

Most SEO internet marketing agencies never let you behind the curtain to see what is really going on with your campaign. We believe in full transparency. That’s why we create a plan for your campaign and give you access to that plan so you can follow along. This is not going to be something where you sign on with us and never hear from us again and wonder what happened. You will have access to a Google Folder which is how we track all of our clients and campaigns. You will see all of the deliverables, the dates when they are due, and you will be able to check up on them as we are working. So there’s no trickery. No tomfoolery. We are showing you that we are working on your campaign the entire time we are together.

Actual Live Reports

Like we said, with our Rochester SEO, we don’t just limit ourselves to a finite number of keywords. That’s caveman SEO. We want any and all keywords that will bring the website traffic. So we don’t do generic rankings reports that don’t tell the whole story. And we don’t try to fool you with trickery to make ourselves look better. We provide “live” reports, which means we will set up a report for you that isn’t limited to just showing your rankings increase for a few keywords that may or may not bring you traffic. You will see actual data from your site in real time. So instead of limiting ourselves to a certain amount of keywords and solely focusing our energy on those keywords, you will see what people are actually using to find your site. This gives us so much more information and provides immense value in and of itself. So not only do you get an actual agenda that you can follow along and see the work being done, but you also get a report that updates in real time so you can track the progress of your SEO campaign.

Go With The Experts

Marketing Sharks

We understand that you have choices when it comes to Rochester SEO and internet marketing. We get it. But the fact is that you are not going to find anyone in the Rochester area with more knowledge and expertise to get your online presence to achieve greatness than Marketing Sharks Media. That’s why we offer the FREE analysis. We want to actually SHOW you how good we are. So when you fill out that Discovery Form…our goal is to provide so much value in that analysis that you realize that going with anyone else for your internet marketing would just be silly.

We Actually Care
You will not be just another number to us…we consider your site to be our own and treat it that way.

We show you EXACTLY what we’re doing during your campaign and you can follow along!

Our Expertise
We don’t rely on theory or old tactics. We stay up to date on any and all changes so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

We Get Results
We’re not interested in tiny results that other agencies might accept as a win. We want to change the face of your business.

Just Some Of Our Success Stories

Are you ready to get started?

Our Promise…

When we take on a new client we consider their website to be our own and treat it as such. Each website we work on is unique and we treat it with the utmost respect. We are very confident in our ability to explode any business online. We are an extremely competitive agency and we take SEO and internet marketing in general as a big competition. And we need to be the best. And we need your site to be the best when we work together. So that’s what we will strive to do. We will be a team during our time together and we will win.
Marketing Sharks

What People Say About Us

internet marketing seo experts

The Best Rochester SEO and Internet Marketing Agency

There are many things to consider when choosing the right Rochester SEO agency to work on your website. We know there are a lot of Rochester SEO providers out there. And we know them all. We don’t believe in putting others down in order to build ourselves up. To be honest, we really don’t have to. But we do believe that you should really look into who you want working on your website and what they are offering. Most business owners think of their website as their baby. And if your baby is sick…you’re not going to take it to just any doctor. You’re going to find the best doctor you can…and most likely one that specializes in the problem area that your baby is having. That’s what we are. As Rochester’s best SEO provider, we are the doctors to your website and we provide the best services to fix the issues that are plaguing your website and keeping it from reaching its full potential.

One Business Per Niche Deserves Our Rochester SEO Services

One thing that we vow to never do is to work with another company or business in the same niche that we already have a client in. That is completely unethical in our book. At the end of the day, we are SEOs. Our goal is to get our clients the most traffic we can for their products or services. The last thing we want to do is get another client so we would have to split that traffic up. It doesn’t make sense. If an SEO company is doing that it means they are only in it for the money and don’t really care about the results they are (or are not) providing.

We’re Not Salesmen Peddling SEO Services

We are not salespeople. We don’t have a big sales team that has rah-rah meetings to pump each other up to generate a ton of sales for the agency. We don’t care about how many clients we get at one time. We know that as long as we have the reputation as the best Rochester SEO and internet marketing agency out there, we will have more than enough people wanting to work with us.

We have found that when there are salespeople involved, the only thing they are worried about is the sale. They are most likely not versed in SEO or internet marketing and have no idea what it actually takes to generate results. They are not working on the campaign. They usually pass you off to an “SEO Manager” or “Account Manager” who is really just a young person fresh out of school who thinks they are getting valuable marketing experience when really all they are doing is tasks off a checklist. Which is NOT SEO!!! So be careful of the SEO salesperson!

We don’t have Cookie-Cutter SEO Prices

We are not going to give you a price until we can evaluate your website. Much like a doctor, you have to be checked out before we can diagnose what it is going to take to get you the results you are looking for. No matter what anyone tells you…SEO is not simple. It is hard. Your site is not the same as someone else’s. There are so many different variables that affect what is going to work for a particular website that having cookie-cutter prices and one size fits all strategies is laughable. It doesn’t work that way. The tactics that we use for your site may not work for someone else. I can’t blame most SEO agencies. They don’t know better. They think that since something worked once, it will work every time. Not so. Be careful of cookie-cutter prices and someone who tells you the methods they will use without actually looking at your website first.

We Do Our Own SEO Work

SEO is not easy to master. It takes years of practice to become SEO experts. And hours upon hours of testing and studying algorithms and results to determine what to do in a certain situation. And then the algorithm changes and you have to stay on top of it. There is no way we would ever trust our work with anyone but who we have in-house. We got to be the best Rochester SEO and internet marketers for a reason. And that is not by outsourcing work to take some of it off our plates. We are meticulous with our work and don’t trust anyone to know what we know. That’s what makes us the best. And we would never jeopardize that reputation by outsourcing anything.

We Actually Live in Rochester

I know this sounds crazy…but there are many people out there that want to rank in cities they don’t even live in. We live in Rochester, eat garbage plates, go to Red Wings games, complain about the weather, and can actually come meet with you and talk to you in person. We are not living halfway across the country pretending to be the best Rochester SEO agency while not even living here. We can meet at any Starbucks in the Rochester area…or go grab a bite to eat (prefferably Dinosaur BBQ). Bottom line is…be careful with who you are talking to if you are actually looking for a local Rochester SEO.

We’d Love To Be Your Rochester SEO

So if you’ve read this far…you obviously know that we think of ourselves as the best Rochester SEO internet marketing option you have. There is no denying that we would love to be your Rochester SEO…but we have to make sure it would be a good fit first. We have to make sure we aren’t working with someone else in your niche. And we have to be able to put on our stethoscope and go in and diagnose what is going on with your website and how we can increase the traffic and get your site to where it should be. So if you could fill out the Discovery Form, we will really take the time to research your site and provide you with the best analysis you’ve ever seen done. After that, if we both feel it would be a good fit to move forward, we would love to be your Rochester SEO.


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